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BumbleBee x Spice can produce Hypo Citrus Tranlucent American Leathers, Tranlucent American Leathers, Hypo Translucents, Tranlucents, Yellow/Orange Bearded Dragons

    Now Available!!! BumbleBee x Spice

                      Hatch Date 5/28/11

ID:K1 6 1/2" Male

He is a very beautiful yellow with nice peach tones. He is Hypo. He is also 66%prob. het Trans. $185.


ID:K2 6 1/4" Male

He has a lot of different colors to him. I like his markings. He is hypo and 66% prob. het trans $125. (Sold)


ID:K3 Female 6 1/2"

She is a American Leather and she is 66% prob.  het for Trans and hypo. $125. (Sold)


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We can now ship multiple Dragons in one box for $50.00 any where in USA.  

After the first Bearded Dragon purchased at full price, we offer $10.00 off each additional Bearded Dragon purchased. Bearded Dragons must be purchased and shipped at the same time, for multiple Bearded Dragon discount to apply.



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